9372937_mImagine, it’s the day of training…

It’s late in the afternoon, the room is warm, and you’re mentally working on your grocery list.  Your energy level is plummeting.  Learning how to use your agency’s new EHR is the LAST thing you want to be doing.


If you’re getting ready to plan a training and want to avoid the above disaster , follow these three simple tricks to ensure you create a positive environment for learning!

1. Timing 

The time of day should be thought of when planning your training. 

Generally speaking, first thing in the morning is always your best bet.  Staff are fresh, distractions are limited and so the potential for learning is maximized!

2. Comfort

If staff are not comfortable, they won’t learn! 

Statistics show that 25% of successful learning can be attributed to a conducive environment. 

Room temperature, room setup, and seat selection should be reviewed prior to any training session.

3. Food

Food is always a great tool to create excitement and, quite literally, energy for learning!

An extravagant array of food is not needed.

Think of small things, like a bag of miniature candy that you can toss to staff when they perform a task, or bottled water and some fruit to snack on.  Smart snacking can even improve retention.

11285998_mAs budgets dictate that we must do more with less, improving  learning environments so that effective learning can take place the first time around become critical.

Creating a comfortable environment timed to perfection with a few snacks thrown in is an easy way to ensure you have an attentive crowd!