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Standardized care plans have been proven to be effective tools for clinicians to provide consistent and quality care to patients.

How does an agency determine what standardized care plans they need?  Review of case studies could provide that link.

A standardized care plan can be defined as strategies designed to assist clinicians in the care of their clients/patients.

They are holistic in nature and are specific to the individual needs of the client.

They represent best practices and provide you with consistent reliable data as well as improved outcomes for clients/patients.

If you are determined that standardized care plans are a must have, how do we go about choosing and creating them?

Review of case studies can help you determine the populations your agency serve.  Once you have identified a population, then further review of that case study can help 8398208 s resized 600you personalize your care plan based on what your agency standards are.

It will guide you in asking what interventions need to be standard.

These standards can be based on personal agency goals, specialized grant requirements and/or state guidelines.

In this day and age, management of time and money are key.

Standardized care plans allow you to institute best practices for your agency thus ensuring goals are met in the most efficient means possible while maintaining  quality and consistent care.

Case studies are a vital tool for identifying care plans needed as well as how to personalize them specific to client needs.

Can your agency afford not to invest time in your own standardized care plans?