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When preparing for training on any new software product, you need a checklist.

Each EHR software company will have a unique training program with requirements specific to the training tools they use.

However, there are some common requirements to be prepared for with any software implementation.

Your checklist should always include:

  • Key people
  • Important tasks
  • Timeline

Champ Software will provide you with a checklist similar to the one shown below.

For other software vendors, you can start with this checklist as a guide and modify it to match your implementation.

Project Lead(s):

  • Select dates and times for each training session and fill them in on the Implementation Plan
  • Fill out the User List with first name, last name, email, and job title for each trainee
  • Email your trainer the completed Implementation Plan and User List
  • Email all of your trainees a copy of the Implementation Plan
  • Prepare your training room If you are using a central conference room for training sessions, make sure to schedule use of that room, have an overhead set up if you’d like, and make sure a hands-free conference phone is available

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IT Department (complete the following for each trainee’s computer):

  • Install Mozilla FireFox (or for non-Champ Software products, ask in advance what you’ll need to install).
  • Install/update the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player to run video tutorials.
  • Install/update the most recent version of Java, which is used by the virtual classroom software.
  • Verify the system requirements for using WebEx (or any other virtual classroom software, for non-Champ Software products) are installed. Champ provides you with documented WebEx Virtual Training Room Instructions. You can also find these on our website.

If you are prepared going into the training session, you will be able to focus on the content and concepts and eliminate distractions created by technical set up issues. Start your implementation off on the right foot.

For more information on Champ’s training and implementation process, contact