You’re telling me I need to take the laptop out to a home visit? Are you serious?? There is no way I can take the laptop out- it will be ruined!

These were my thoughts when I first heard that we were going to go paperless.

We have been using our laptops out in the field for the past three years and it is a slow process.8793860 m resized 600

Some of our barriers are:

  1. We only have two wireless cards and have six nurses in MCH that do home visiting
  2. We live in a county that does not have cellular coverage everywhere, which means we have times when we can’t chart at the point-of-care
  3. We have staff that admit that they have a hard time letting go of paper charts
  4. Not all nurses are comfortable using the computer and some don’t know how to trouble-shoot connection issues in the field

However, we keep plugging away bits and pieces at a time.

As time goes by we are all learning how to progress with change.

It is not a bad thing – it is a challenging change.

You start with little bits and pieces at a time and then you look back and …

realize that it was not so bad.