Champ Software is dedicated to evolving our applications to meet the needs of our clients, including all new state and federal regulations that impact our customers.

We continue to monitor the Meaningful Use requirements. Nightingale Notes EHR already satisfies several Meaningful Use requirements and will have new features every year.

Champ will periodically re‐evaluate the need for certification based on criteria that directly impact our current and potential clients.

Because Nightingale Notes is a program built specifically to meet the needs of public health agencies, we cater to the needs of those clients in particular.

We have found that the majority of our clients actually do not qualify for the Meaningful Use grant monies. We try to invest our resources and time where it will most benefit our clients.

We also know that our clients need to be cost‐aware, and thus we try to keep the cost of our software affordable. Meaningful Use certified software will be more expensive.

We will continue to maintain an open dialog with our clients on how Meaningful Use impacts their business.