Rob Colwill of Coldwater Software, Development Consultant for Champ Software, recently gave an excellent presentation about what a CCD is.

If you’d like a chance to listen to this great Webex recording, click here.

Here is a new series of videos to help you better understand data exchange.

What is an EHR
This 8 minute video covers:

  •  EMR vs EHR – What’s the difference
  •  What is contained in an EHR
  •  Features of an EHR
  •  Benefits & Advantages of utilizing them
  •  HIPAA and how it applies to EHRs
  •  Best practices for securing electronic health records

Why is Electronic Data Exchange Important

This 7 minute video covers:

  •  Understanding what electronic data exchange entails
  •  Goals
  •  Benefits
  •  How electronic data exchange impacts healthcare
  •  The future of data exchange in healthcare

Continuity of Care Document Project

This 12 minute video teaches about:

  •  Setting the foundation
  •  The information contained in a CCD
  •  Understanding CDA
  •  Meaningful Use and the stages
  •  Consolidated CDA

Peer-to-Peer Connectivity Project

This 8 minute video covers:

  •  Defining peer-to-peer
  •  The scope of peer-to-peer as it relates to Nightingale Notes in Minnesota
  •  An overview of peer-to-peer process

Risk Analysis Project

This 46 minute video covers:

  • Background
  • Definitions
  • Goals of Risk Analysis
  • Using a Risk Analysis Tool
  • Ongoing Risk Management

Risk Analysis Q&A Session