What is workforce development?

The Wikipedia Workforce Development definition says it is:

“an American approach to economic development, attempts to enhance a region’s economic stability and prosperity by focusing on people rather than businesses. It essentially develops a human-resources strategy.

Work-force development has evolved from a problem-focused approach, addressing issues such as low-skilled workers or the need for more employees in a particular industry, to a holistic approach considering participants’ many barriers and the overall needs of the region.”

As the definition outlines, this strategy helps to ensure that all employees in a public health agency have the necessary skills to do their jobs well. If some employees don’t currently have the required skills, these areas for improvement can quickly be identified.

Nightingale Notes works towards Workforce Development.

Some public health agency employees may be reluctant to admit that they have a problem, or be too scared to ask for help.

If these shortcomings are missed, or glossed over, then the individual might struggle, make mistakes or not achieve the level required, and could even lose their job.

Combining Workforce Development with Performance Management, will improve agency efficiency and effectiveness, and improve client care as well.

Probably whilst saving time and money too.

How does Nightingale Notes help?

Nightingale Notes allows users to add custom data collection tabs, determined by each agency’s needs.

It’s easy keep things like:

  • Workforce description records
  • Licence records
  • Other unique user-defined fields

Up to date, to ensure the Workforce Plan is accurate.

The PHAB accreditation process  requires a Workforce Development Plan to help employees get the training they need, if they need it.

So, if PHAB is something you’re aiming towards, Nightingale Notes will make it much easier to collate everybody’s progress.

Thanks to easily accessible electronic client records, it’s quick and easy to see who needs additional training, what training they need, to make sure that they get it, and see when they got it.

This accurate, up to date and reliable data is available wherever it is needed, and helps with record keeping and documentation.

If you want to improve your Workforce Development, then Nightingale Notes can definitely help you, your employees and your clients.

Next steps

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