Does your documentation system provide you with a continuous stream of rich aggregated data, on all your:

  • Employees?
  • Programs?
  • Pay sources?
  • Clients?


Then you’re likely to be missing the most important ingredient for success – wisdom.

Have you got the intuitive awareness you need?

Having wisdom, or ‘intuitive awareness’ in your processes, from start to finish, is essential to continuously improve your methods and practices, so you can accurately measure and manage your work.

This will enable you to:

  • Become more efficient
  • Become more effective
  • Gain better results for your clients and agency

How do you access your data?

Your existing documentation system may adequately capture and store raw data.

But can you access it in meaningful ways?

  • Can you tailor reports to your exact needs?
  • How quickly can your staff get the data they want?
  • Is your data still in a state sponsored data silo?

Are you making the most of your data?

Perhaps you have tried to change things, or you’re still stuck using an old system.

Do you use:

  • Paper forms?
  • Spread sheets?
  • State program based data silos?
  • A ‘one size fits all’ electronic documentation system?
  • Your own home-grown system?

Then it could be time to change to Nightingale Notes.

 Is it time to change to Nightingale Notes?

Think about this…

If just capturing the data was your goal, then using sticky notes would suffice as a documentation system.

While a paper form is more structured than a sticky note, that piece of paper, like a sticky note, will still imprison your data for life.

In the end, a paper form isn’t much better than a sticky note for capturing data.

Post It Notes and a pen on a desk

Are you still using a paper based documentation system?

In fact, a paper form is usually slipped into a file cabinet somewhere, never to be seen again!

Why collect data if it’s not going to be used?

 So… let’s ask the next obvious question…

Why should you waste the time collecting data, if you’re just going to bury it again in a ‘data cemetery’?

Karen S. Martin, Founder of the Omaha System, recently said in an interview with Champ Software  “Data cemeteries are what we’ve really got to get away from. We have to move from collecting data, to using data. We need to convert data to information, knowledge and wisdom.”

What if…?

What if you could implement an easy to use documentation system to:

  • Capture all your data as quickly as a paper form?
  • Reduce mistakes by not having to re-enter the same information every time?
  • Eliminate the need to ask clients the same questions over and over again?

Did you know…?

Based on our many years’ experience, we conservatively estimate that every time a paper form is used:

  • 25-33% of the information required in the top 3 inches of paper forms must be re-entered

How much time (and money) would a better documentation system save you?

Could you improve efficiency?

 You can be sure your clients get frustrated about having to answer the same questions again and again.

This duplication takes up a lot of nurses’ labor time and as we all know, ‘time is money’.

Labor cost is the highest single budget item for most public health departments, so unproductive labor is a waste of money that should be better spent helping clients.

Having a better documentation system will improve efficiency.

How effective could your documentation system really be?

What if that new system could be used across 80 various programs, and: 

  • Across public health and human services?
  • For all of your data, from all of your programs?
  • Was retrievable in 100 different ways?
  • In just a few minutes?


Reports from Champ Software Nightingale Notes

What would your data tell you?


What would you know?

  • What would your data reveal to you?
  • What couldyour data tell you about the future?
  • What would your data prove to those who currently fund you?
  • What could your data prove to those who might want to fund you?

At Champ Software we imagine everything your data could say, and then we build the tools to enable you to say it.

By releasing your data, you can begin to change, enhance and expand what you are doing to increase your R.O.I. on all your programs and practices.

And Champ Software will save you hours and hours of painstaking manual reporting processes.

What Do Champ Software Clients Say?

This is what our clients are saying about how Nightingale Notes frees their data.

I love that this software is able to help us capture outcomes, because public health needs that in order to tell our story.

If we do not show the benefit of our public health programs, we are going to get left behind.

Kim Foster, Nursing Program Manager, Zanesville-Muskingham County Health Department, OH

We are just beginning to appreciate the report function, this is so nice to use for our newborn screening program.

It provides real nice data that I can go to funders with.

Joan Bowe, Director, Personal Health Division, Delaware County Health District, OH

Within just six months of using Nightingale Notes, we were able to prove with that we were losing money providing family planning services, (and this need was being met by several other providers in our community).

This discovery was made by using the tools in Nightingale Notes, and allowed us to reassign our resources to another program that needed the funds.

Trisha Smith, Deputy Director, Ottawa County Health Department, KS

We empower you to be the best you can be, by releasing back to you, what you entrusted to us in the first place, your precious data.

Want more proof?

Thanks to our ad hoc reporting tools:

  • The Allen County Ohio Women’s Health Program Coordinator now saves 8 hours per week

As well as saving money, they save a day a week.

Wouldn’t you like to spend your day helping your clients instead of running reports?

What should you do next?

Want to hear about a health department who’s getting the most from their data? Click below to download Kitsap Public Health District’s story describing how they leveraged data collected in their EHR to measure outcomes for their Nurse Family Partnership program. This data helped them prove the value of their program to their policy makers, funders, and executive leadership team.


Ready to see what else Nightingale Notes can do for you? Contact us now at (507) 388-4141 and tell us what you need your new documentation system to do.