Monthly Archives: December 2017

Nightingale Notes Is Your Partner In Improving Community Health

Nightingale Notes is your partner in improving community health. So, how does a public health EHR help to improve community health? The use of a common Electronic Health Record (EHR), such as Nightingale Notes, with all your clients in it, including their demographic descriptors, presents a wealth of data pooled in one central location. Your [...]

Koble Group announce addition of the Iowa Health Information Network (IHIN) to their HIE platform

The Koble Group is excited to announce the addition of the Iowa Health Information Network (IHIN) to their HIE platform. About The Koble Group The Koble Group is a Health Information Technology (HIT) company, dedicated to advancing interoperability and helping healthcare providers across the U.S. achieve maximum benefit of their HIT investments. They believe by creating [...]

What Criteria Should A Standardized Terminology Meet?

So, what criteria should a Standardized Terminology meet? It’s a fair question, and follows on nicely from our previous articles about why Standardized Terminology is important and what Standardized Terminology really means. You might be surprised to learn that all standardized terminologies are not equal. Here’s our guide to some of the qualifications any good [...]

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