Nightingale Notes is your partner in improving community health.

So, how does a public health EHR help to improve community health?

The use of a common Electronic Health Record (EHR), such as Nightingale Notes, with all your clients in it, including their demographic descriptors, presents a wealth of data pooled in one central location.

Your health department can describe the type of clientele you’re serving and who your clientele is.

You can filter your clientele by:

  • Where they live / location
  • Age
  • Race
  • Educational level
  • Or any other specific data

This enables your agency to collect valuable client data.

Data can also be used to describe what types of community health conditions are most prevalent in the clients you serve, and perhaps where current or additional resources  should be focused.

You can even see where resources should be invested depending on different:

  • Times of year
  • Locations
  • Demographics

Nightingale Notes goes beyond beyond just collecting data on your individual clients. Data can be collected on a population or on the community as a whole, revealing health problems such as:

  • Human health hazards
  • Obesity/physical activity levels
  • Tobacco use

Your health department can also determine, by comparing health data for your county, whether  the problems faced by a certain client or a certain population are representative of prevalent:

  • Conditions
  • Diseases
  • Social problems

Having this information will enable questions to be asked about why or why not.

Community coalitions can quickly:

  • See client descriptions
  • View services currently provided
  • Map where services are not provided via the address data
  • Identify gaps in services compared to need

Once program efforts are determined by a coalition, this data can be used to monitor specific areas over time.


Nightingale Notes focuses on public health and is your user-friendly tool to help your agency get the information it needs to improve the health of your community.

Now you know more about how EHR software can help to improve community health, isn’t it time to see what Nightingale Notes could do for your agency, your community and your clients?

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