Following on from our Top 10 Nightingale Notes Features article, this time we’ll look at the Top 10 Nightingale Notes EHR Benefits.

1.Built on the Omaha System

Nightingale Notes EHR is built on the Omaha System, which is a Standardized Terminology.

The Omaha System is:

  • Research based
  • Specifically created to describe community health care
  • Designed to be used in electronic documentation systems

And features:

  • Problem Classification Scheme
  • Intervention Scheme
  • Problem Rating Scale for Outcomes

Making it extremely versatile, powerful and useful for use in public health agencies.

It also means that your EHR software is proven, and meets various clinical and government requirements and standards which adds to the EHR benefits of Nightingale Notes.

It’s also Meaningful Use certified too.

2. Single repository of information

Nightingale Notes EHR software benefits from a single repository of information.

Data is no longer kept in filing cabinets or on individual staff computers, but is made available to all.

This means that staff can find the information they need, such as whether a health condition runs in the family or how prevalent obesity is in a certain region.

3. Everyone can see up to date, accurate information

As the data is stored centrally within Nightingale Notes EHR software, instead of on a single computer, it can be access by everyone who needs to see it.

All data is accurate and up to date, making it extremely quick and easy to find information. Another of the EHR benefits of Nightingale Notes is that this not only helps your agency staff but their clients too.

Our recent article, Are You Satisfied With The Data You’re Getting From Your Documentation System? explains in more detail the sort of data that can be quickly found, and what the data can tell you, including:

  • Staffing levels
  • Billing
  • Time taken to perform certain tasks

All this information helps you to provide better healthcare.

4. Individual clients, families or regions

As alluded to previously, Nightingale Notes EHR software can display all sorts of data, and is not limited to just client data.

You might want to know how many:

  • Mothers smoke in a certain region
  • Families fall in a certain income bracket
  • People have a certain health condition in a specific location

Using the comprehensive reporting system, you can find this information quickly, easily and accurately.

There is no need to go through paper records, ask clients the same questions again, or ask colleagues for their estimates.

5. Saves time

As you may have guessed, Nightingale Notes EHR software benefits is time saving.

There is no need to duplicate data entry, or ask clients the same questions.

If you’re looking to improve the effectiveness of your agency via Performance Management, then you’ll be pleased to know that Nightingale Notes helps.

Don’t just take our word for it.

  • The Allen County Ohio Women’s Health Program Coordinator now saves 8 hours per week thanks to their ad hoc reporting.

What would you do with the day you save every week?

6. Works the way you work

You’ll be pleased to know that there is no steep learning curve with Nightingale Notes EHR software, and that it works the way you work.

This means that you don’t need to spend precious time getting to learn a new system when you should be meeting your agency and client needs.

7. Add what you need

Nightingale Notes EHR software enables you to add the features and capabilities you need.

Perhaps you have a specific requirement, or your public health agency would benefit from automating other parts of your processes and procedures.

8. Track people and supplies

Nightingale Notes EHR software is highly versatile, allowing you to track and optimize everything from vacation days to vaccine levels.

  • Want to know where the majority of your revenue comes from?
  • Need to see which services take up most of your agency’s time?
  • Wonder what your time by cost center looks like?

Your Dashboard will tell you immediately.

9. Integrates with other systems

Nightingale Notes EHR software integrates with other systems too.

Want to:

  • Connect a community or county public health agency to a statewide system or third-party billing system?
  • Take advantage of the automated reminder systems which dramatically reduce ‘no-shows’?
  • Share information about programs electronically, so it it is shared quickly, accurately and efficiently?

Nightingale Notes  ER software benefits you by doing all this and more, to make your life easier.

10. Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base section of Nightingale Notes EHR software enables public health agencies like yours to share your findings, and benefit from the wisdom of your peers.

Perhaps you want to:

  • Share how you helped your clients to stop smoking, lose weight or eat more healthily
  • Copy a helpful custom pathway or report that another agency has built
  • Collaborate with other users in your region and across the nation

You can do all of this via Nightingale Notes EHR Software.


Now you know more about some of the Nightingale Notes EHR software benefits, and how much time you can save, and how much better your information can be, you can see why it’s so popular and how it meets the ever-changing needs of public health agencies across the USA.

  • Want to know more?
  • Want to know what it could do for your public health agency?

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