If you’re involved with the planning and budgeting at your public health agency, then you’re likely to be aware of what strategic planning is, and how an EHR like Nightingale Notes can make a big difference.

However, if you’re new to planning and budgeting, then it might all be a bit confusing, and you might not immediately understand how an EHR makes it easier to plan your resources for the future.

Here’s how Nightingale Notes EHR can help.

What is strategic planning?

According to Wikipedia, strategic planning is:

“…an organization’s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. It may also extend to control mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the strategy.”

So, strategic planning is how an organization:

  • Defines its goals
  • Focuses on these goals
  • Continues what works
  • Changes what isn’t working
  • Works toward better outcomes

It also includes how best to use both financial and human resources to meet the organization’s objectives.

Understandably, Nightingale Notes will play an important role in your strategic planning activities as well.

Suzanne Plemmons, MN, RN, PHCNS-BC, and Community Health Director of Kitsap Public Health District (now retired), gave a great example of this when she explained how reports in Nightingale Notes have helped her and her agency prioritize resources for programs that were making a difference in the community, as well as prove the measurable difference those programs were making.

She explained:

“We actually have an opportunity to look at the results of our outcomes report and make some changes in our practice.

This is valuable information to be able to share with our policy makers, our funders, and our executive leadership team here.”

Where does Nightingale Notes come in?

The Services Provided reports in Nightingale Notes are available at management’s fingertips at any time, using our very easy to use and manageable Report Wizard.

Nightingale Notes Dashboard screen screenshot

Nightingale Notes Dashboard gives you the information you need at a glance


All data fields in the database can be combined into easy to read reports for whoever needs them, such as your:

  • Management
  • Staff
  • Board
Nightingale Notes reports screen screenshot

Nightingale Notes makes reporting easy


Whether you need information for your strategic planning process or for your budgeting, Nightingale Notes makes it quick and easy to ensure your services are still serving:

  • The right populations
  • The right amount
  • The right programs
  • The right location
  • The right staff inputs
Nightingale Notes KBS screenshot

Nightingale Notes clearly shows what the data really means


The Programs enrolment data, which can be cross matched with the financial cost and revenue in the database, can be reported on, and is instantly available at any time.

This can help your Management and Board when:

  • Carrying out Program Evaluation for cost/benefit analysis
  • Determining whether the current programs should continue
  • Researching whether programs need to change to meet current and future needs
Nightingale Notes KBS Table screenshot

Nightingale Notes gives you Knowledge Behaviour Status details at a glance.


As clinicians periodically assess their clients’ knowledge, behavior and status, Nightingale Notes provides a numeric and graphic representation of where clients are improving, and highlights any areas of concern that may need addressing.

All of these features in Nightingale Notes give staff, Management and the Board the information they need on their clients, which helps to make the agency more efficient and effective, whilst saving time and money.

Nightingale Notes helps you know that you are.


Want to know more about how Nightingale Notes EHR can help with strategic planning and budgeting at your public health agency?

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