Norah Savard

About Norah Savard

Norah has worked as a Consultant with Champ Software since May of 2009. She works with agencies on the coordination and implementation of Nightingale Notes EHR Software including holding webinars, providing recommendations based on program-specific requirements, as well as facilitating regional user groups.

What Is A Workflow and How Can Workflows Benefit Public Health Departments and Staff?

Workflows are in use across a variety of industries but workflows benefit public health departments in particular. Public health department staff have many requirements and procedures to follow as well as copious amounts of data to collect and manage. In addition, those requirements can change and procedures may need to be updated. Workflows are a [...]

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Opioid Crisis

It seems that you can’t listen to the radio, turn on the TV, open a newspaper or browse a website without seeing or hearing some mention of the Opioid Crisis. With good reason. Did you know that approximately 115 American lives are lost due to overdose of opiates every day? Have you seen an increase [...]

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