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Why is Public Health Advocacy Important?

Advocating for the public policies around both people’s health, as well as health professionals, has always been very important.  The crucial role of public health advocacy in bettering community health has been very evident with the COVID 19 pandemic.

About this Presentation:

This webinar is intended to provide tips for those who are new to visiting with their elected officials, or have limited experience, and might benefit from some tips and reminders for a successful meeting. Add public health advocacy with policy makers and legislators to your skill set.

Subjects to be covered include:

  • Developing a plan for the meeting that complies with state or federal policies and procedures.
  • Complying with organizational policies related to participating in meetings with elected officials.
  • Identifying factors that influence decision makers.
  • Utilizing techniques to influence decision makers.


  • By the end of the webinar participants will understand the difference between educating, advocating, and lobbying.
  • They will also be able to identify at least three types of factors which influence decision makers.

About the Speaker:

Patrick Stieg, Certified Health Education Specialist with Carver County Public Health Department

Pat Stieg, Certified Health Education Specialist

Certified Health Education Specialist with 35 years of professional experience in public health education, health promotion, and policy development.  This includes 17 years at state and county public health departments, 12 years at a voluntary health organization at both the national and state levels, and 6 years at a health plan.

Education includes a BS degree from  Moorhead State University  and a MA degree from the University of Northern Iowa.

Extensive experience at the local, state and national levels in public and professional education, as well as public policy advocacy around the primary prevention of chronic diseases.  This includes population-level health expertise in physical activity, nutrition and tobacco issues, as well as the underlying social determinants of health and well being.

Volunteers on several statewide health related boards and commissions, as well as government parks, trails and recreation commissions at the municipal, county and state levels.  Greatly values the opportunity to make connections between public health and public land use, for the mental and physical health benefits of all people.

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