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Health information technology is ever-changing, developing, and growing more sophisticated. While this technology empowers us to do our jobs better and more efficiently, it also brings its own set of challenges and concerns.

Have you ever wondered what actually makes a password strong, and how to choose a password that is both strong and easy to remember?  Have you ever wanted to understand a little more about cloud computing?  Would you recognize a phishing attack?  (These are responsible for the most high-profile hacking news stories in recent years.)  Are you curious about where information technology is headed, particularly EHR technology?

This webinar will answer those questions and more! Join us for a presentation that will cover trends in computing and EHRs, such as cloud computing and the internet of things, as well as IT security topics like phishing and strong password generation.

This webinar is a free event and is open to anyone. Click the website link in the right-hand sidebar to register. Registration is required.

Scott Randall, Developer

Main Presenter: Scott Randall, Developer and IT Expert








Crystal Maertens, Marketing Specialist Champ Software

Organizer: Crystal Maertens, Marketing Specialist for Champ Software









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