Customer Service Representative


Be ready to be challenged, think creatively and critically! There are two key areas of this job and both involve working with public health agencies and staff to promote and encourage use of our community health agency management program. Some people say electronic health record but we’re much more than that. You’ll work with current customers and prospective customers to develop customer relationships that promote retention and loyalty.  Up to 50% of the time you’ll work closely with current customers through the support department to ensure they are satisfied with the services they receive and help our company improve upon areas of dissatisfaction. The remainder of your time will be working closely with the sales team to nurture new prospects, sharing with them the product we love and hope they’ll love too. You job is to identify if we can serve them well and ensure their success. You will lead demonstrations of our product follow up with nurturing prospects to close the sale.


  • Respond to current customer requests for support including; documenting and reproducing any customer-reported issues and escalating issues by applying the internal processes and procedures for escalation.
  • Answer current customer questions about using the software. Sometimes these are simple straight-forward questions, and other times you will have to do some investigation with the customer and our staff to determine if the software has the ability, partially has the ability, or lacks the ability to do what the customer is asking.
  • When the support queue is busy you will help triage cases, ensuring the most important and urgent cases get attention right away and all cases get responded to.
  • We expect our employees to be creative thinkers and problem-solvers and share their ideas with the team. As part of the team, you’ll be participating in design discussions to improve our product and our company.
  • Provide periodic ongoing training sessions for current customers on specific topics that you become an expert in.
  • New prospects will be assigned to you. It’s your job to identify their needs, determine if they are a good match for our product, schedule demonstrations, lead the demonstrations and follow up after to bring the sale to fruition. You’ll use your knowledge of our products gained through the support of current customers to know what to present to prospective clients. Some travel is required to represent Champ at trade shows or for an occasional onsite demonstration.


  • This is a remote position so it’s essential you are self-motivated, self-directed, and able to stay on task with minimal supervision and be accountable to the team for your time during the business day.
  • You need to be comfortable using Skype or another messaging application and clear, articulate verbal and written skills are a must.
  • Quick-thinking, on-your-feet, readiness to dive in and investigate customer questions and issues.
  • The ability to quickly pick up on technical information and communicate with our developers.
  • A willingness and interest in learning new features and the changing tools we use.
  • Required hands-on experience and adept at using Microsoft Office Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Desired but not required: hands-on experience with Sales Force, Team Support, Aha! and Pivotal Tracker.
  • A background in medical billing, medical coding, or any level of nursing is desired but not required.


  • Required postsecondary vocational training or Associate degree in the area of computer software, hardware, engineering, or a related field demonstrating aptitude to understand technical information and be able to translate that to everybody else OR 3+ years’ experience with a healthcare software company. Preference given for a nursing background of LPN, RN, BSN, PHN or healthcare billing experience.
  • Preferred 3+ years’ experience and a bachelor’s degree one of these areas; Computer Science, Sales and Marketing, Nursing, or Public Health, with a minor or certificate area of study in a technical field.


  • We will give preference to people with nursing, healthcare billing, or healthcare sales experience, but we are willing to hire without any of those IF you’re the right person. We believe in hiring smart, motivated people and training them well and treating them so well they never want to leave.

To Apply:

Send an email with your resume to