Current Openings:

Marketing Specialist

If you are excited about helping a company plan, measure, and manage marketing programs to ensure our messaging is on target, and potential new customers hear the message consistently, then we want to talk to you. We’re looking for a forward-thinking, ambitious person ready to jump in and be part of planning, implementing, and measuring the impact of marketing. Our customers are public health departments. What they do impacts people across their communities. Our products support their work and allow them to document and measure the effectiveness of the services and programs they provide. This role will have access to our customers to what matters to them. The ideal candidate will become well-versed in our products, ensure our marketing work aligns with company strategies, and appeals to our target market.

In this role you will be expected to help create marketing plans and strategies that align with the company goals, and be part of the team in executing the plan and analyzing the impact. You need to know Hubspot or a similar Marketing app, love diving into the data to find out what channels, campaigns and sources are working well for the company, and have experience evaluating martech solutions to meet company needs. For a full job description and instructions on how to apply, click here: Marketing Specialist 2022

Technical Support Representative

Be ready to be challenged, think creatively and critically! Some people say electronic health record but we’re much more than that. This job provides variety and challenge because you’ll do support across our client base. You’ll work closely with current customers through the support department to ensure they are satisfied with the services they receive, troubleshoot issues, and help our company improve our product and services.

You need great investigative skills, be willing to dig in, understand the customer’s concern, reproduce the reported issues, communicate clearly to our development team to find a solution and be able to test the solution works before providing it to the customer. If you enjoy solving complex problems, finding creative solutions, and thrive on learning new things in a changing market, then you’ll enjoy this role. For a full job description and instructions on how to apply, click here: Technical Support Representative Job 2022

Training & Implementation Coordinator

The Training and Implementation Coordinator role provides both on-site and online training, creates training videos, writes knowledgebase articles, documentation, and knows industry best practices. In addition to training this role provides end-user consulting during and after training as needed. The Training and Implementation Coordinator demonstrates expertise in the Champ software solution and the practical use of our solution in a customer’s business setting.

In today’s changing public health landscape, this person needs to provide end users with best practices, be able to think outside the box to address their training needs, and collaborate with the Champ team to ensure our clients are successful in implementing and utilizing our application. For a full job description and instructions on how to apply, click here:  Training and Implementation Coordinator 2022.

UX Researcher

If you believe all applications, no matter how complex, can provide an enjoyable experience for people, and you love making that happen, then this is the job for you. We are looking to add a UX Researcher to our team of professionals building and supporting community health agencies as they implement our applications to support their business. This person seeks out challenges, never tires of asking questions and researching what our customers want and need and looks forward to educating and sharing user research insights with our team to create a better experience for our customers. Improving workflows, enhancing existing application design, creating fresh innovative design ideas to meet evolving customer expectations, incorporating effective user research methods, and thriving on collaboration to bring the product vision to life are all part of this job. For a full job description and instructions on how to apply, click here: UX Researcher 2022