Tell us what you really think. We want to hear it.

Yes, you read that right. Of course we love hearing what we do well. However, we grow and improve the most when we learn what we don’t do well That’s why some of our clients have stayed for 25+ years! They talk, and it’s our job to listen: together we make the way they work… work better!

Work smarter, not harder for our clients. That’s our motto.

Let’s be honest— we’re just like you. We want to go home for dinner. We want to get our work done efficiently so we can leave early occasionally on a Friday to golf, bike, finish the deck, catch up on sitcom episodes we guiltily recorded, snowmobile, hang out with the family, or ___________ (fill in the blank with what it is you really love to do).

In order to have time for the fun stuff, we like to work smarter and more efficiently, which is just the way we design our products too. Software shouldn’t just be about being a showy, cool product.

When you use our products to chart, track, and manage your client’s progress, you should be focused on the client rather than on our application— that’s when we’ve done our job. When our team uses their combined experience of over 250 years to create and implement an application that is so easy‐to‐use, seamless, and efficient that it becomes almost invisible, a bridge rather than a barrier between you and your clients… that’s when you know you are using a Champ product.

Let’s Talk!

Call us up sometime and we’d be glad to learn more about you. You can check out our video here to learn more about us. Efficient charting, accurate documentation, solid case management, secure data, and a lifetime relationship with a company who cares. That is what we offer. From agencies with one nurse to agencies with over 100 staff… we want to know more about you!

If that’s what you’re looking for, take a moment to email us or give us a call at 507‐388‐4141 or 855‐686‐3498 (toll free).