Deb Rosebaugh
Deb RosebaughCFO
Being married to Dave Rosebaugh, Deb was involved behind the scenes from the beginning, as Champ Software developed into the company it is today.

Deb graduated with her BS in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota in 1977, then worked in finance and human resources.

Although she left the workforce in 1984 to care for her then 1-year old son, Jon, and the other 5 children that were soon to follow, she was involved in management and accounting discussions with Dave as Champ Software took shape.

In 2001, Deb officially joined Champ Software as part owner.

Since 2004, Deb has worked for Champ Software part time. She holds the title of Chief Financial Officer and is a whiz with the sorts of numbers and figures that give most people headaches!

Deb has an active life outside of Champ. She has taken bicycle tours of New Hampshire and Vermont. She also enjoys cooking and Dave has nothing but high praise for her culinary skills.

Deb loves to travel with Dave, and they continue to explore the US and beyond.