Kristen Reiten
Kristen ReitenBusiness and Quality Assurance Analyst
Kristen joined Champ Software in 2020 as our Customer Success Analyst and transitioned to her role as Business and Quality Assurance Analyst in 2021.

Kristen has worked in both the healthcare and insurance industries as a software analyst before coming to Champ and brings a combined 16 years of experience to the table. Kristen also has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Kristen is an excellent problem solver and is very results-oriented. Everyone on the Champ team has nothing but great things to say about her hard work and dedication! Kristen also enjoys working with a variety of people and is always looking for ways to help clients.

Kristen chose to join the Champ team because of the company’s values as well as the team-oriented atmosphere and good working environment. Kristen really enjoys working with public health and is glad to have a position where she can serve those clients every day.