Nicole Sowers
Nicole SowersCOO
Champ is a family-orientated company that genuinely cares about its customers.

That’s what drew Nicole in more than a decade ago, and the people at Champ now feel like family.

After graduating with her B.S. degree in Technical Communications, she worked for a large telecommunications company as an analyst for 5 years and then stayed home with her children for two years before joining Champ.

Nicole can’t imagine her life now with any other company.

More recently, Nicole earned her M.B.A certificate with a focus on Internet Marketing from Florida Tech Online.

She oversees all the day to day operations at Champ and the Champ staff consider her to be “an amazing boss.”

When she’s not spending time at work with her Champ family, Nicole and her husband Jake, and their 3 kids, Allison, Isaac, and Jacob, enjoy camping, hiking, biking, swimming, as well as running to volleyball, basketball, and football camps and games.

Jake and Nicole also teach Sunday school at their small hometown church in Vernon Center, MN and in the spring and fall Nicole helps Jake on their family farm.

Nicole really loves serving the public health field, “I’m amazed everyday by our clients. Public and home health staff are the most dedicated, under-recognized people I’ve met.

They are not in it for the recognition or the pay. They do what they do because they care about their communities. I have a great admiration for them and count myself lucky to be a part of their community.”