Norah Savard, BSN, RN, PHN
Norah Savard, BSN, RN, PHNTraining & Implementation Coordinator
Norah’s professional background includes 9 years of previous work in Public Health specializing in Disease Control and Maternal Child Health.

Norah co-lead the implementation of the Omaha System and a Champ Software product in 2001/2002 in Riverside County, California.

Norah has worked as a Consultant with Champ Software since May of 2009. She works with agencies on the coordination and implementation of Nightingale Notes EHR Software including holding webinars, providing recommendations based on program-specific requirements, as well as facilitating regional user groups.

She also maintains and creates all of the training material used in the implementation of Nightingale Notes as well as topical blogs and webinars.

In her free time, Norah loves to cook and preserve what she has grown in her garden.

Norah also enjoys spending time with her beautiful daughter, Meghan, and their dog, Murphy.