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Standardized Terminology Gives Public Health a Voice: An Interview with Karen S. Martin

COVID-19 has turned eyes towards public health like never before. Knowing what an opportunity this is for public health to help communities recognize the value their local health departments provide as well as shine a spotlight on the services offered by public health, we thought we'd interview Karen Martin about standardized terminology, such as the [...]

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Omaha System Workshop Hosted by Champ Software

Champ Software will host the May 22 Omaha System Workshop! This is an introductory or refresher workshop that includes discussion and practice applying the Omaha System to case study data (see sample case studies on These events are scheduled and conducted by Karen S. Martin on behalf of the Omaha System and are hosted at various locations across the country.

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Quality Improvement in Clinical Charting: Make Use of Your EHR!

Public/Community Health and Home Care agencies are being asked to be accountable for Quality Improvement activities on a number of different levels. Some agencies are beginning to prepare for national public health accreditation through the Public Health Accreditation Board. Others have been part of the Multi-State Learning Collaborative that brought state and local health departments [...]

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Decide What Care Plans Your Agency Needs

Standardized care plans have been proven to be effective tools for clinicians to provide consistent and quality care to patients. How does an agency determine what standardized care plans they need?  Review of case studies could provide that link. A standardized care plan can be defined as strategies designed to assist clinicians in the care [...]

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5 Secrets to Successful Implementation (Part 3)

The idea of implementing an electronic health record can strike fear into even the bravest of us, which is why I've composed a list of 5 essential secrets to get you on your way to implementation success. This post is a continuation of my previous articles 5 Secrets to Successful Implementation (Part 1) and  5 Secrets [...]

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Mobile Devices at the Point of Care

Let’s work from the mind set that our clients, regardless of age are not going to refuse services if we show up with a laptop or tablet at their home. We know that more and more people aged 40+ are using computers. However, we also know we are going to show up at some client [...]

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Why Evidence-Based Care Plans?

Did you ever have to write a patient care plan in nursing school? Most of us went through that painful proccess, and I think writing lengthy patient care plans ‘from scratch’ is considered an essential part of nursing education even today! Recently I had an ‘ah ha’ moment about student care plans – and all [...]

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