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Kitsap County Public Health District: Success in Measuring Outcomes

Kitsap Public Health District serves the population of Kitsap County, Washington (about 254,000 people, as of the 2013 census). Kitsap Public Health District has been a client of Champ Software since 2005. At a Champ Software Expert Webinar held in April, 2016, Suzanne Plemmons, MN, RN, PHCNS-BC, and then-Community Health Director (since retired), along with [...]

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Why Pathways?

Clinical pathways have been widely used by since the 1990’s as a means to provide structured plans of client care based on best practices and clinical and program guidelines. When designed and used properly, they provide a powerful means to enhance quality and efficiency of care and to measure and improve client outcomes based on [...]

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Demonstrating the Outcomes of Your Services at Every Level

Today’s fiscal constraints and emphasis on accountability push us to demonstrate the outcomes of our services at all levels: individual, family, group, community, system. This is a daunting task. Agencies using Nightingale Notes EHR and the Omaha System have an advantage because the Omaha System has a built-in outcomes component that can be applied to [...]

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Preparing our Future Leaders: Outcome Driven Data!

I recently took part in my third year of guest lecturing a course for the Nursing PhD program out of Ohio State University with Dr. Vicky Elfrink. The assignment was to develop interventions for a population based on the data gathered from an electronic health record that is using a standardized language. In this case, [...]

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Why Evidence-Based Care Plans?

Did you ever have to write a patient care plan in nursing school? Most of us went through that painful proccess, and I think writing lengthy patient care plans ‘from scratch’ is considered an essential part of nursing education even today! Recently I had an ‘ah ha’ moment about student care plans – and all [...]

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