Standardized Terminology and Social Determinants of Health

What Is Standardized Terminology? As we’ve outlined in previous articles, a standardized terminology is simply a common language, nomenclature, classification, or taxonomy designed to be shared among users. Standardized terminology allows interoperability between technologies like electronic health records. A good standardized terminology is research-based and meets criteria for interoperability. We’ve previously written an article outlining [...]

The 2020 Revision of the Essential Public Health Services: Centering Equity

If you read our previous article, "What is the value of the revised EPHS for Public Health, Tribal Health, and State Health Departments?" you know that we've been discussing the September 9, 2020 live reveal of the newly revised 10 Essential Public Health Services. The webinar reveal included a thorough presentation of the need for [...]

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Expert Webinar: Flavored Tobacco – It’s A Social Justice Issue

Access presentation recording and resources for: Kelly McIntee, Specialist—Advocacy & Public Policy, American Lung Association in Minnesota talks about current tobacco rates among specific populations, shares how flavored and tobacco products contribute to health inequities in our country, and also demonstrates that commercial tobacco is still a problem.

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10 Basic Things You Need to Know About Public Health 3.0

If you're interested in learning a bit more about Public Health 3.0, you're not alone. While there are many health departments across the country already implementing the goals of Public Health 3.0, there are still many health departments who are unsure where to begin or may have never even heard the term. This article will [...]

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