Why Pathways?

Clinical pathways have been widely used by since the 1990’s as a means to provide structured plans of client care based on best practices and clinical and program guidelines. When designed and used properly, they provide a powerful means to enhance quality and efficiency of care and to measure and improve client outcomes based on [...]

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Decide What Care Plans Your Agency Needs

Standardized care plans have been proven to be effective tools for clinicians to provide consistent and quality care to patients. How does an agency determine what standardized care plans they need?  Review of case studies could provide that link. A standardized care plan can be defined as strategies designed to assist clinicians in the care [...]

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Benefits of Using Pathways and Using Them Correctly

Are you looking at how your agency can reduce documentation time?  Does your agency have programs that routinely follow the same type of client or disease process?  Would you like to be able to easily train new staff on visit/assessment protocols for certain client groups?  If you said yes to any of these questions, pathways [...]

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