What Do The Revised EPHS Mean for PHAB Accreditation?

Introduction: If you’ve been following our series on the revised essential services, then you may have read our previous article discussing how the EPHS fit in with other public health frameworks. One of the frameworks we discussed, was the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) accreditation standard. While that article overviews the history of PHAB, the [...]

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How Do The Revised EPHS Fit In With Other Public Health Frameworks?

If you've been following this article series, you know we've been discussing the September 9, 2020 live reveal of the newly revised 10 Essential Public Health Services. In this article, we’ll explore how the revised EPHS compare to other public health frameworks, as described by the committee who revealed the revised essential services during the [...]

The 2020 Revision of the Essential Public Health Services: Centering Equity

If you read our previous article, "What is the value of the revised EPHS for Public Health, Tribal Health, and State Health Departments?" you know that we've been discussing the September 9, 2020 live reveal of the newly revised 10 Essential Public Health Services. The webinar reveal included a thorough presentation of the need for [...]

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What is the value of the revised EPHS for Public Health, Tribal Health, and State Health Departments?

If you are familiar with the history of the Essential Public Health Services (EPHS), you know that the EPHS were originally drafted 25 years ago. While the revision of the essential services began in 2019, pre-COVID-19, the release of the revised EPHS could not be timelier. During the reveal of the newly revised EPHS in [...]

Expert Webinar: Flavored Tobacco – It’s A Social Justice Issue

Access presentation recording and resources for: Kelly McIntee, Specialist—Advocacy & Public Policy, American Lung Association in Minnesota talks about current tobacco rates among specific populations, shares how flavored and tobacco products contribute to health inequities in our country, and also demonstrates that commercial tobacco is still a problem.

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Youth Vaping: An Epidemic

In September, 2018, FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, MD addressed the growing use of e-cigarettes among teenagers as an epidemic. "Unfortunately, I now have good reason to believe that it's reached nothing short of an epidemic proportion of growth. I use the word epidemic with great care. E-cigs have become an almost ubiquitous ‒ and dangerous ‒ [...]

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5 Commonly Asked Questions About EMR/EHR Claims Submissions

EMR/EHR claims submissions can raise a lot of questions, so I've answered five of the most common questions below. As an example, I've used Champ Software's EHR/EMR, Nightingale Notes. In Nightingale Notes, you can create an electronic claim, so if there are any missing pieces of data at the time of the claim generation, Nightingale [...]

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What is a CCD? The Non-“Techie” Version

Part of the Nightingale Notes EHR software is CCD software which helps convert electronic CCD is a Continuity (Care Document) patient data into an easy to read PDF. A CCD is a Continuity of Care Document. So what does that mean for non-techies? Here's what you need to know. Communication Anytime we want to communicate [...]

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Demonstrating the Outcomes of Your Services at Every Level

Today’s fiscal constraints and emphasis on accountability push us to demonstrate the outcomes of our services at all levels: individual, family, group, community, system. This is a daunting task. Agencies using Nightingale Notes EHR and the Omaha System have an advantage because the Omaha System has a built-in outcomes component that can be applied to [...]

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