Transforming Health Documentation



Langdon, ND

Burdened by an inefficient paper-based documentation system, Cavalier County selected Nightingale Notes by CHAMP Software to streamline records management, reporting, and billing.

The Challenge

Cavalier County Health District is a single-county public health agency located in North Dakota near the Canadian border. The agency provides a diverse range of public health services and programs to a large yet sparsely populated area with approximately 3,800 residents.

With a small team of only three nurses and one administrative assistant, the agency struggled to manage health records with its outdated and cumbersome paper-based system. They needed an efficient method of documentation to free up staff time for population- and client-based program management.

The RequirementsTo address their challenges, the agency needed a versatile electronic health records (EHR) system that could streamline documentation for various programs, offer interoperability with state immunization registries, support billing, and provide customizable reporting features. The system also needed to be user-friendly and intuitive for staff.

The Solution

Cavalier County Health District chose Nightingale Notes as its EHR solution due to its flexibility, customization options, and user-friendly interface. It unified documentation across all programs and cost centers, making it a one-stop solution for client service documentation, timekeeping, and population-based program management.

“I cannot imagine still using a paper system. Nightingale Notes is intuitive for users, and easy to navigate, apply, and use.”

– Stephanie Welsh, RN, Administrator of Cavalier County Health District

The Outcome

Cavalier County’s transition to Nightingale Notes transformed its public health documentation processes, resulting in:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Nightingale Notes significantly improved the way they handled documentation, reporting, and billing, eliminating the inefficiency of managing multiple paper-based systems.
  • Better Informed Decision-Making: The system’s reporting capabilities provide valuable data that the team uses for program planning, resource allocation, and justifying programming and funding to stakeholders.
  • Adaptability to Local Needs: Cavalier County can tailor Nightingale Notes to their specific requirements to accommodate the unique and diverse services and public health programming their population requires.
  • Compatibility with state systems. Nightingale Notes integrates with state immunization registries to allow for seamless immunization tracking and billing.
  • Interoperability and Security: The system’s cloud-based architecture ensures data security and continuity, even in emergency situations.

Choosing Nightingale Notes as its EHR has enabled this small agency to improve timekeeping, track vouchers for employees by program and cost center, and efficiently manage its programming to respond to the diverse needs of its community—without shuffling paper.

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