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Nightingale Notes

The Nightingale Notes electronic health records (EHR) is a health records management system built specifically for public health agencies, community health departments, and health and human services agencies.

Champ Software is the technology company that develops, sells, and supports the Nightingale Notes electronic health records (EHR) system. We’ve been providing support for public health professionals for over 30 years.

Unlike systems designed for hospitals or physicians’ practices, Nightingale Notes addresses services like elder care, immunization, family planning, and infant and maternal health, that are critical to community health.

Unlike some of the larger systems, Nightingale Notes is highly customizable. Our support team can help you evaluate your needs and advise you on customization.

The Nightingale Notes system supports public health delivery by optimizing workflow, managing resources, creating efficiencies for health data tracking, and providing reports and communication support for compliance.

Nightingale Notes support your needs for compliance by automatically linking with required state and federal registries and databases.

The Omaha System

The Omaha System is a comprehensive taxonomy recognized by the American Nurses Association that promotes consistent, high-quality clinical documentation and communication among health professionals.

Integration with the Omaha system simplifies data entry, including at the point of service, for accurate and streamlined documentation of client needs, interventions, and outcomes.

The system, which is grounded in a wealth of research, ensures thorough and holistic documentation of patient needs and care, from assessment through intervention and evaluation.

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Nightingale Notes is built on a cloud-based platform so you can access up-to-date information in real time, wherever you are, while ensuring patient data security.

The cloud-based technology lets users enter data, including patient charting, anywhere you have an internet connection, including at the point of service.

Nightingales Notes’ cloud access is secure, so you can catch up on documentation between patient visits anywhere you have an internet connection.

Yes, EHR interoperability in Nightingales Notes enables connection with statewide networks and billing system for easy communication.


You can request support via a number of channels:

Email requests can be submitted 24/7. Our support team will respond to email requests and phone calls between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. central time, Monday–Friday.

Questions about features are typically resolved within 2 hours. If the support request requires a programming change, the complexity of the change determines the length of time it takes to implement it—however, these tickets are escalated to our development team for immediate attention. Highest-priority tickets are addressed first.

Support from Champ Software is not limited. Your staff can reach out as much as needed.

Your agency can submit ideas for universal or custom features. Champ evaluates all requests, prioritizes them, and responds based on their application across all users.

  • If the needed feature is specific to your agency, Champ will provide a scope of services for your review and agreement.
  • If the request is for a feature that universally benefits our agency customers, Champ will absorb the development cost.
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