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We Believe in Public Health

Who We Are

An experienced community health software vendor. A premiere Omaha System vendor.

What We Do

Complete EHR charting for public health from intake to billing. Evidence-based outcomes. Scheduling. 100% time tracking.

Who We Serve

Specifically designed for public health customers, we serve local public health agencies, home care agencies, and schools of nursing across the country.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Suzanne Plemmons, MN, RN, PHCNS-BC

“We are able to view our outcome data because we have an EHR, Nightingale Notes, that is based on the Omaha System… We can accurately describe our population: number, age, ethnicity, education, poverty level, etc. This gives us a good picture of who we’re serving. We can also accurately describe our services. We can determine the frequency of problems, which are our most common problems, and where we place our major focus.”

Suzanne Plemmons, MN, RN, PHCNS-BC, Kitsap Public Health District
Staff at Bismarck Burleigh Public Health

“Writing reports was probably the most challenging but with extra tutoring, we have staff helping staff and they are adding new pathways and reports from training to production!”

Paula Flanders, Director, Bismarck Burleigh Health Department
Cyndi Onkka, Business Manager

“It’s great to see the different changes that come in the new releases and see something I have suggested happen.  Not all companies would actually listen to their customers like Champ Software does.”

Cyndi Onkka, Business Manager, Inter-County Nursing Service
Testimonial Douglas County, MN

“One of our favorite aspects of Nightingale Notes is the fact that we can access the software wherever there is an internet connection”

Kathy Sullender, PHN

“The support team has been wonderful!  Just learning all the little billing things we are finding along the way has been an experience.  We are very happy with Nightingale Notes and the entire process thus far… It is rare to find something that I am willing to promote! I am a picky person but Nightingale Notes has met all of our needs and more.”

Kathy Sullender, PHN, Daviess County Health Department

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