What sets Nightingale Notes apart?

Nightingale Notes, Champ Software’s electronic health record (EHR) software solution, is built to meet the unique needs of public health agencies.

Proven in more than 130 public health departments across the U.S., the solution helps public health officials accomplish their mission to deliver high quality care to their communities.

Nightingale Notes offers:

  • Powerful tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Broad flexibility to configure the system, and
  • The ability to expand as the needs of your agency grow

As a cloud-based solution, public health professionals gain the benefits of a single repository of all information, the ability to access information at the point of care, and greater security for sensitive information.

Based on its more than 30 years in serving public health agencies, Champ Software knows the challenges and commitment of public health professionals to meet the needs of their communities.

Training, implementation and on-going support is provided by experts and colleagues that understand the requirements of public health agencies from first-hand experience.

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Nightingale Notes offers you:

Benefits of electronic vs Paper Charting

The advantage of a web-based EHR solution vs. paper or outdated systems

Champ Software’s web-based solution means that critical information is more accessible, accurate, and secure than information stored in paper files or on individual computers.

Vital information is not hidden from health care professionals, and a stolen laptop does not put confidential information at risk.

EHR exclusively focused on public health

An exclusive focus on public health

Champ Software is built from the ground up specifically for public health agencies like yours.

It is not a generic EHR or medical care management solution that has been adapted for public health agencies.

The solution and the expert support behind it are dedicated exclusively to meet your particular needs.

Access a network of public health peers

Access to the wisdom of the public health peers

Champ Software provides public health agencies access to the wisdom of a large community of other public health professionals.

With a broad and active base of committed users, public health agencies like yours can benefit from valuable expertise not accessible from other systems.

Public health experience, expertise, and understanding

Experience, expertise, and understanding of public health agencies

Champ Software has been meeting the needs of public health agencies for more than 30 years, longer than most other providers serving this market, and it is used by more than 130 agencies throughout the U.S.

The solution is developed and supported by professionals that have first-hand experience in the field and intimately understand the challenges and the mission of providing public health services.