Directors and Administrators:

“We really appreciate your gracious understanding and support. You and your staff are definitely team players.”

Headshot of Suzanne Plemmons, Community Health Director, Kitsap, WASuzanne Plemmons, Community Health Director, Kitsap County Health District, WA

“Making the decision to switch to an EHR was not an easy one for us, but we are so thankful that we made the change to Nightingale Notes!  We could not be more pleased with the support we have received from the team at Champ, from the early stages of training and implementation to issues with DAISEY and everything in between… The folks at Champ may be in Minnesota but they have been right by our side through it all supporting us with their knowledge and assisting us with whatever we might need!”

Trisha Smith, Deputy Director, Ottawa County Health Department, KS

“Writing reports was probably the most challenging but with extra tutoring, we have staff helping staff and they are adding new pathways and reports from training to production!”

Eight of the staff at Bismarck Burleigh Public Health smilingPaula Flanders, Director, Bismarck Burleigh Health Department, ND

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your training efforts on our behalf at Dunn County Homecare.  You present in an easy to follow, easy to learn style.  We are really appreciative.”

Judy Ogren, Home Care Director, Dunn County Home Health Care, WI

“The staff are super friendly, helpful, and timely.”

Five members of the Douglas County WI ADRC stood by a wallMary Holschuh, Manager, Douglas County ADRC, WI

“The iPads are working great with Champ. The staff love them.”

Deb Flack, Administrator, Richland County Health Department, MN

“The number of recorded ADRC ‘contacts’ increased 5% in four months after beginning Nightingale Notes. This is likely due to the ease of use and efficiency of entering contacts into the system.”

Five members of the Douglas County WI ADRC stood by a wallMary Holschuh, Manager, Douglas County ADRC, WI

“Nightingale Notes helped us streamline our charting process and make it consistent from nurse to nurse.”

Beth Freeman, RN, Administrator, Phillips County Health Department, KS

“I want to thank you folks for coming up to visit!  I found the meeting to be very valuable and I can’t wait to get the software up and running.  It is so nice to have a vendor who is interested in our success!”

Theresa Fisher, Administrative Services Director, Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health Agency, MI

Nursing Directors & Division Managers:

“I loved that this software is able to help us capture outcomes, because public health needs that in order to tell our story.  If we do not show the benefit of our public health programs we are going to get left behind.”

Kim Foster, Nursing Program Manager, Zanesville Muskingham County Health Department

“Yesterday a PHN came in very excited to show me the first completed PNCC charting note. She was thrilled because the ease of the documentation allowed her to focus more fully on the needs of the client and to accomplish what the client needed within the available time. She also felt the charting will better guide her next visit. There were places for all pertinent items to be documented simply!! We are pleased.”

Kitty Rahl, Director of Nursing, Eau Claire City-County Health Department, WI

“Probably the best feature of [Nightingale Notes] is that our staff can access the program (and our client database) anywhere there is a network connection. This has been a huge time saver for nursing staff. Staff can now take their laptops with them on visits and do the documentation on site. It is also helpful during these MN blizzards when staff are snowed in at home… they like the fact that they can catch up on their charting on these snow days.”

Greta Siegel, Budget & Finance Supervisor, Horizon Public HealthGreta Siegel, Budget & Finance Supervisor, Horizon Public Health, MN

“All the people at Champ Software are top notch and I appreciate working with you all.”

Nadine Fisher, MS, RD/LD, WIC/MCH Division Manager, Johnson County Public Health, IA

“It’s great to see the different changes that come in the new releases and see something I have suggested happen.  Not all companies would actually listen to their customers like [Champ Software] does.”

Cyndi Onkka, Business Manager, Inter-County Nursing Service, MN

“Thank you all so much for responding to our “patch” requests so quickly. We greatly appreciate it. The merger of the 3 [Nightingale Notes] databases went very smoothly and staff are VERY happy that it did…Thank you for making this integration such a success. We truly appreciate it!”

Greta Siegel, Budget & Finance Supervisor, Horizon Public HealthGreta Siegel, Budget & Finance Supervisor, Horizon Public Health, MN

Public Health Nurses:

“Nightingale Notes’ staff are great to work with, returning phone calls and responding to questions in a timely manner.”

“We have been converted… to Nightingale Notes and we just love it. We had such wonderful support from the Champ staff and educators. Of course, we had great support from the very beginning when Dave Rosebaugh went around and did the trainings himself. Thanks for everything.”

Staff from Stevens, Traverse, & Grant counties, Horizon Public Health, MN

“I would encourage the supervising nurse mandate that all staff start using the system at the same time; immediately after the training-the only way to learn is by digging in.”

“The Champ Software IRIS on-line interface in Nightingale Notes is the BEST thing EVER!!!! Thank you guys for all the work you did making this happen.”

Chrystal Stender, Maternal & Child Health Clerk, Johnson County Public Health, IA

“The support team has been wonderful!  Just learning all the little billing things we are finding along the way has been an experience.  We are very happy with Nightingale Notes and the entire process thus far… It is rare to find something that I am willing to promote! I am a picky person but Nightingale Notes has met all of our needs and more.”

“I love how the system makes my charting look clean, legible, and neatly organized. I think they would be much more credible in court if needed.  In addition, they are just more professional looking even when just faxing them to other medical providers or other counties if a client leaves our county and moves to a neighboring county and we release the records.”

“I have been able to eliminate flow sheets that we were previously using.  That is where the time savings comes in (i.e. the pathways).”

Billing Staff:

“Thank you, thank you, and thank you for the report locking feature… I am very happy that we now can add our own reports and lock them.  This will be a great time saver. Thanks again!”

“I continue to LOVE your billing software. You would not believe how much I cut down the amount of denials or corrected claims this year as opposed to the past 2 to 3 years. You guys ROCK!!!”

“I am very encouraged by the changes that have been made or are being considered, I am assuming based on customer feedback. Kellie has been excellent with responding to my many questions and I really appreciate her time.  I am excited to move forward with our billing process at Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health.  I just received payment yesterday for a large batch of Medicaid claims that I generated through CHAMP, which is very gratifying to me to know that I have put all the pieces together to submit and receive payment.”

Eight of the staff at Bismarck Burleigh Public Health smilingSharon Fisher, ND Health Tracks Offie Assistant, Bismarck Burleigh Public Health, ND

Other Staff:

“I would be happy to talk to anyone and tell them of the wonderful service we have received. Thank you for your time and patience and also for helping us get this going sooner than later.”

“Thanks again for your valuable work with us! The webinars have been working out great!”

Daryl Canham, EdD, RN, BC-PHN/CHN, Professor, The Valley Foundation School of Nursing

“You have wonderful software! I am so impressed! Thank you for making such nice features in Nightingale Notes.” And in regards to using the Custom Tab feature in Nightingale Notes, “Thank you for having the vision to develop this flexibility in your software.”

Pediatric Research Evaluation Consultant, Minneapolis, MN