Today’s fiscal constraints and emphasis on accountability push us to demonstrate the outcomes of our services at all levels: individual, family, group, community, system.

This is a daunting task.

Agencies using Nightingale Notes EHR and the Omaha System have an advantage because the Omaha System has a built-in outcomes component that can be applied to any level of service.

In brief, the KBS data we get from the Omaha System enable us to talk about the needs of a population (prevalence and severity of problems of the clients we serve).


There are several examples of applications of the Omaha System at the family, group, community, and system levels.

Some of them are published on-line at

10010405 m resized 600There is a study in progress applying a community level intervention for obesity – you are welcome to join this study! If you are interested, here is more information:

The precedent for use of KBS ratings at the community level was established over 10 years ago.

The fundamental next step toward successful dissemination of this method is to work together as we compile examples of KBS rating guides for problems we address with families, groups, communities, and systems.

In every analysis, we find that KBS ratings are a compelling voice for public health nurses and clients – we are so fortunate to have this language!