A few days ago, I talked to a company that offers a physician’s portal meant to be used by the physician to consolidate all electronic documentation from all vendors. I thought to myself, “What a good idea!” Especially if we really expect physicians to use electronic documentation across the spectrum of caregivers in the world.

The person I was talking with had not considered that some public health agencies might also be certified for home care. They weren’t focusing on this slice of the home care market.

As a public health electronic health record (EHR) software vendor, our focus is to develop software for public health agencies. A physician’s portal such as the one mentioned above, is a development challenge that we could not afford to allocate resources for.

However, with a simple ehr software vendor to vendor relationship with no strings attached, we can offer our clients capabilities that might help them become more efficient and therefore better able to serve their public health mission.

Satisfying a client’s needs makes for happy customers. And happy customers generate more referrals for us. And there is the possibility that we would be able to help one of the other vendor’s clients someday as well.