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Are you satisfied with the data you’re getting from your documentation system?

Does your documentation system provide you with a continuous stream of rich aggregated data, on all your: Employees? Programs? Pay sources? Clients? No? Then you’re likely to be missing the most important ingredient for success – wisdom. Have you got the intuitive awareness you need? Having wisdom, or ‘intuitive awareness’ in your processes, from start [...]

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An Interview with Champ Software by Karen Martin

We’re lucky to work alongside Karen Martin, RN, MSN, FAAN, Health Care Consultant, Martin Associates. For a change, instead of us asking her questions, she asked us our thoughts on Nightingale Notes and the Omaha System. We know the Omaha System is powerful, useful and capable, and how beneficial standardized terminology is, so Karen asked us [...]

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Empowering Local Health Departments to Address Health Inequity

One of our colleagues, Karen Monsen, PhD, RN, FAAN, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota School of Nursing and Director of the Omaha System Partnership, recently had the opportunity to speak at the Michigan Premier Public Health Conference on achieving health equity. Her presentation was titled, “Social Behavioral Determinants of Health (SBDH) & the Omaha System: [...]

Nightingale Notes works for Workforce Development

What is workforce development? The Wikipedia Workforce Development definition says it is: “an American approach to economic development, attempts to enhance a region's economic stability and prosperity by focusing on people rather than businesses. It essentially develops a human-resources strategy. Work-force development has evolved from a problem-focused approach, addressing issues such as low-skilled workers or the [...]

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Nightingale Notes and Performance Management

To us, and the users of Nightingale Notes, in a public health agency setting, Performance Management is the process whereby an agency involves everyone, both as individuals and as group members, to help improve organizational effectiveness. Performance Management means different things to different people. The Wikipedia Performance Management definition says that Performance Management: “includes activities which [...]

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