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Ottawa County Health Department: Success with Immunization Registry Integration

Ottawa County, KS is situated in northcentral Kansas, right above the junction of interstates 70 and 135. The Ottawa County Health Department was founded in the early 1980s to serve the small county and today, the population it serves consists of about 5,975 people. Amazingly, the Ottawa County Health Department administered nearly 1,750 immunizations to that small population in 2016. Trisha Smith, RN, Deputy Director, and Nursing Director shared, “We do quite a few immunizations for our size. Some health departments would probably laugh at me when I say, ‘we do a lot,’ and then follow that with how many [...]

Kitsap County Public Health District: Success in Measuring Outcomes

Kitsap Public Health District serves the population of Kitsap County, Washington (about 254,000 people, as of the 2013 census). Kitsap Public Health District has been a client of Champ Software since 2005. At a Champ Software Expert Webinar held in April, 2016, Suzanne Plemmons, MN, RN, PHCNS-BC, and then-Community Health Director (since retired), along with Nancy Acosta, RN, Home Visiting Nurse with Kitsap’s Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) program, co-presented with Karen S. Martin, RN, MSN, FAAN, Health Care Consultant, Martin Associates. They shared Kitsap Public Health District’s success in measuring health outcomes using the Omaha System and Champ Software’s Nightingale [...]

A Local Health Department Shares their EHR Journey: Carlton County Health and Human Services

In March of 2016, Carlton County Public Health & Human Services in Minnesota went live with Nightingale Notes EHR and began using it regularly in their health and human services department. Today, a diverse group of about 40 staff, including administrative and billing staff, use Nightingale Notes each day. Carlton County put together some excellent tools to complete their Nightingale Notes training efficiently, effectively, and smoothly. Impressed by their efforts, Champ Software reached out to Carlton County to see if they’d be willing to share a little bit about their training and implementation journey and where they’re at now. Patti [...]

Des Moines Valley Health & Human Services: Empowered to Exchange Data

Pat Stewart, Director of Des Moines Valley Health & Human Services (DVHHS), has seen marked success in her ability to monitor DVHHS’s client data, provide continuity of care when her clients move from one place to another, and achieve Triple Aim (population health, per capita cost, experience of care) for the clients DVHHS serves. How does she know this? The Omaha System and Nightingale Notes EHR Software have empowered DVHHS to get measurable, provable results as well as exchange data with their Accountable Care Organization (ACO). “Nightingale Notes has allowed us to get in the sandbox and play with the other [...]

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