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Nicole has worked at Champ for over a decade, and is the Chief Operations Officer, and oversees all the day to day operations here. When she’s not spending time at work with her Champ family, Nicole and her husband Jake, and their 3 kids, Allison, Isaac, and Jacob, enjoy camping, hiking, biking, swimming, as well as running to volleyball, basketball, and football camps and games.

Delaware General Health District’s Newborn Home Visit Project: Improving Safe Sleep in the Community

Following our previous two articles about Safe Sleeping and the DGHD Home Infant Visitation Program, we wanted to follow up with the results of their project as reported to us by Joyce Richmond, RN, BS who was the Nursing Director for Delaware General Health District in 2015 when the study was completed. How was the program [...]

Delaware General Health District Newborn Home Visitation Program

Following on from our previous article about Safe Sleeping, we thought we’d take this opportunity to talk about how one Public Health Agency uses Nightingale Notes to help them identify newborns at risk from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and educate parents. Background In 2015, the Delaware General Health District (DGHD) initiated a free of [...]

CDC Safe Sleep for Babies

This is the first of 3 articles about safe sleep for babies best practice, and how Nightingale Notes can help. Although the two may seem completely unrelated, we’ll explain how they are related, and what Nightingale Notes can tell healthcare providers about parents and caregivers of new born babies. The recent CDC Vital Signs Safe [...]

Can I contact my community health clients via text message?

It’s a good question, and one that you’re right to ask. Perhaps you’re thinking that you should take advantage of technology to: Increase the number of people who attend appointments Inform more people about community health programs Target a particular demographic Why message community health clients via text? According to many sources, including Small Biz [...]

Electronic Signatures for Public Health- How Do they Work?

If you read last week's article, Electronic Signatures for Public Health- The Basics, then you know that the term "electronic signature" has a very broad definition. It refers to a piece of electronic (non-paper) documentation showing the intent of the person to sign it. In light of national and state efforts encouraging public health departments to go [...]

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