Standardized Terminology Gives Public Health a Voice: An Interview with Karen S. Martin

COVID-19 has turned eyes towards public health like never before. Knowing what an opportunity this is for public health to help communities recognize the value their local health departments provide as well as shine a spotlight on the services offered by public health, we thought we'd interview Karen Martin about standardized terminology, such as the [...]

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Their Impact on Long-Term Health

What are ACEs? According to the CDC, “Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, are potentially traumatic events that occur in childhood (0-17 years) such as experiencing violence, abuse, or neglect; witnessing violence in the home; and having a family member attempt or die by suicide. Also included are aspects of the child’s environment that can undermine [...]

Draft Interpretive Guidelines for HHAs: How to Appropriately Address Fraud & Abuse

The following article is republished with permission from Elizabeth E. Hogue, Esq.. Elizabeth is an attorney in private practice with clients from across the healthcare continuum, all over the country. She is a subject matter expert on future healthcare trends and regularly publishes articles, like the one below, which are well regarded in the healthcare [...]

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Are you satisfied with the data you’re getting from your documentation system?

Does your documentation system provide you with a continuous stream of rich aggregated data, on all your: Employees? Programs? Pay sources? Clients? No? Then you’re likely to be missing the most important ingredient for success – wisdom. Have you got the intuitive awareness you need? Having wisdom, or ‘intuitive awareness’ in your processes, from start [...]

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What is a CCD?

Rob Colwill of Coldwater Software, Development Consultant for Champ Software, recently gave an excellent presentation about what a CCD is. If you’d like a chance to listen to this great Webex recording, click here. Here is a new series of videos to help you better understand data exchange. What is an EHR This 8 minute video [...]

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Minnesota Health Data Exchange Program

e-Health Connectivity Grant Champ has received news that the 4 regional grant applications we submitted for the Minnesota Department of Health HIE Grant were approved. The grant projects have been awarded approximately 1 million dollars collectively. You can visit the Minnesota Department of Health Website for more information on the awards: http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/hpsc/ohit/hiegrants.html. On that page [...]

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Nightingale Notes & Meaningful Use

Champ Software is dedicated to evolving our applications to meet the needs of our clients, including all new state and federal regulations that impact our customers. We continue to monitor the Meaningful Use requirements. Nightingale Notes EHR already satisfies several Meaningful Use requirements and will have new features every year. Champ will periodically re‐evaluate the [...]

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Get Educated About Meaningful Use

Take the quiz on the right to evaluate whether your agency qualifies for Meaningful Use grant money. While Champ Software has determined it is in our clients’ best interest that Nightingale Notes is not Meaningful Use certified at this time, Nightingale Notes EHR is based on the Omaha System which is a standardized terminology providing [...]

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